About basic rules of football

About basic rules of football

Football is a favorite sport for team. It’s good to practice your fitness as well grow up mental well. You can collect a few members with one ball, then can start this game easily.

The truth that rules of football is different from other competitions and nations. But it should be played on some general regulations. In this article, we will share basic rules which appears almost in all tournaments. Then to make special for this event, the organizer can create few new rules.

Following this article then you are confident to join or watch any football match.

Discuss about football players

In a pro match, there are eleven players for each team on the field. Both teams have the right to substitute maximum 3 players or any players with no restrictions. When the referrer toots, the match starts and players will start on their side of ball.

There are some positions in field who take care other responsibility.

For example, defensive players play roles to protect their net. They will move flexibly forward to their side to prevent ball without restrictions. Depending other tips for fighting, there are average 2-3 defensive positions.

Whereas offensive players will set up performance to overcome opponent’s players then make score. On average, there are about 7 positions for offense, then they arrange other responsibility. Two offensive in right and left sides while two major in the middle. The rest will receive ball from the defensive players then move to mid offensive position. These positions are sensitive because they are easy to cause mistakes with the opponent. They should run after and pass a ball correctly to make more opportunities for teammate to have goals.

In a match, players have the most important role to decide success of their team. Whether they are smart and connective, they are easy to become winners.