About basic rules of football

About basic rules of football

Football is always considered as one of the most favorite sports for any ages. Therefore, people not only follow live football matches from tournaments such as World Cup, Olympics or Premier Champion, they also play football as a daily sport, especially for the man.

Football is a team sport, so it is suitable to enhance connection among teammates. Furthermore, it has simple rules leading almost people can understand easily.

In this article, we discuss basic rules of football.

In general, football rules should be changed in other level of play. However, there are some common rules about the football field, players, penalties, offense as well defense.

Firstly, discuss rule of football field

A standard field is120 yards in length and 53 yards in width. There are two goal lines in the end of the field with distance 100 yards. The next, it has end zone at additional 10 yard in the end of goal line.

There is a 50 yard line located in the middle yard. In the field, there are side lines which being rows of has marks. Besides it, there are line of scrimmage to define sides of ball. If any part of a player owning ball break outside the side lines or end zone, this goal is invalid and considered as the out of bounds.

In addition, there is rule about goal posts in the behind of the end zone. To make score, players have to kick ball through two goal posts. The ball is compulsory to go over crossbar and among uprights.

Secondly, discussion about game format

Result of one football match is counted on the number of goals. End of the time period, which team has more scores, they become a winner.

One match is separated into 4 parts or quarters with a haft period between the second and third quarter. Time will be started when players are running and sometimes plays