Basic rules in swimming

Basic rules in swimming

Swimming is one of the most favorite water sports for any age, anyone and in any season. It’s great to immerse in the water to relax body and forget some stress in the life.

If you are confused how to swim well, you should follow our article. We share top basic rules in swimming so that you can start this game easily and simply.

The truth that per type of swimming will have different rules and regulations. In general, we will split rules into other per version. 

In general, we have some basic types like: freestyle, backstroke, butterfly and breaststroke. Swimmers have many choices for distancesfrom 25 yards to 1600 yards.  

Now, we will discuss detail per type.

Firstly, Freestyle

Freestyle, also called “crawl” has a flexible rule. It means swimmers will face with down-up with alternating arm and breath. These movements should be rapid and kicks. 

The rule is basic when swimmers don’t allow to pull off the pool’s bottom or pull on the lane line. Another point, swimmers need to touch the wall by some parts in body. Just enough are to start freestyle.

In some pro races with multi rounds, swimmers can do an open turn then a flip turn. Or only one of both is acceptable. When practicing flip movement, swimmers don’t allow to touch the wall by hand. Instead of it, they can use feet or shoulder or head to touch the wall. It wastes more time when using hand. However, in the finish turn, swimmers can use one hand to touch and end the line.

Secondly, Backstroke

Backstroke, also called “upside-down freestyle.” Swimmers need to face the sky when swimming. In case their shoulder is over 90 degrees, they break the rule and not continue to swim more.

The races start when swimmers are already in the water. They put their feet against the wall then keep the gutter or grip. When finish the race, swimmers need to face the sky until they touch the wall by hand or other parts in body.