Basic rules of basketball sport (Part 1)

Basic rules of basketball sport (Part 1)

Studying basketball is attracting a lot of people. Basketball is a sport of two teams playing against each other, each team will have 5 people. Each side tries to score as many points in the opponent’s basket as possible and limits the opponent to throw the ball into his team’s basket. This sport is popular because it is easy to play again to support higher height.

The players usually have the tallest physique in the team capable of shooting basketballs at close range. Narrow movement range requires good catch and basked up the opponent’s attacks.

Midfielder is considered to be the most powerful in the ball, defense. They play in a fixed position on the field and are determined by the coach in accordance with the strategy set. Mostly taking advantage of points near the basket or disputes near the basketball, the task of the player in this position is to score as many points as possible.

Striker is the most agile, flexible player and has the ability to score at medium distances

Defender is someone that no need to be too big but capable of putting the ball well to control the ball and design an attack. Can score at a distance of 3 points.

Rules of basketball

Choose the appropriate distance. Normally the distance will be 20m. Then, run in the right hand direction, creating an angle of about 45 degrees to the basket. Then you will have to run the momentum, you must run the momentum before making 2 steps on the basket. After running, catch the ball, use your hands to catch the ball to prepare to throw.

Next, you approach the basket, if the ball is thrown, the right foot will take the first step of the two steps on this basket. When the left foot touches the ground, jump up with that force, and the right leg will contract. These two steps are extremely important to take advantage of to get the high jump force to throw the ball.

Now throw the ball. When jumping, 2 hands holding the ball and the middle right. Next, quickly move the ball to the left, then straight onto the basket clockwise. Use the force of your right wrist and fingers to reach the basket.