Different types of hockey and their rules (Part 3)

Different types of hockey and their rules (Part 3)

It is the most popular subject in Canada, Finland, Latvia, Czech Republic, and Slovakia. It is also the national sport of Latvia the national winter sport of Canada. Ice hockey is played at many levels, at all ages.

The governing body for international competition is the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Ice hockey has been held at the Winter Olympics since 1924. Women’s hockey was added to the 1998 Winter Olympics.

The National Hockey League (NHL) is considered the largest professional league tournament in the world. The rules at NHL are a little different from the rules at the Olympics. [Citation needed] The international ice hockey law was enacted based on Canadian rules in the early 1900s.

L-shaped hockey sticks, made of L-shaped, made of wood, graphite or composite with a stick net that can fit close to the ice surface when the player holds the stick upright and can legally bend both left and right.

In-line hockey

Inline hockey is a roller hockey variant similar to the game of ice hockey because inline hockey originates from this subject. The game consists of two sides competing against each other, each of them has a goalkeeper and four players using rollerblades, on a dry playing field divided in two halves by a central line, also two subjects have nets at either end of the yard.

The match takes place in three innings, each with 15 minutes each and the lines on the court are shaped according to the offside rules of hockey. Icing errors were also counted, but often considered to be the fault of illegally sending a bridge away from the defensive area. [8] The governing body is IIHF, but some tournaments and organizations have laws different from IIHF laws such as USA Inline or Canada Inline.

Hockey quad

Quad hockey, international ball hockey, or Hoquei em Patins, was the common name for roller skating that existed long before the inline skates were invented. This sport was once a performer at the 1992 Summer Olympics.