Essential basic hockey rules for beginners

Essential basic hockey rules for beginners

In order to play hockey, you need the right hockey equipment. Therefore, the following article will tell you the essential hockey tools for beginners.

This sport can be conducted on many different terrain such as grass, ice rink, etc. Depending on the terrain, you will have the most suitable playing equipment. To be able to play hockey smoothly, first you need to equip yourself with the necessary equipment.

Types of hockey

Ice Hockey

English hockey is glosbe, is conducted on the ice and plays according to the same rules as usual. Participants in the match must not only have good competition skills but also good skating skills. Each competitor must know how to combine these skills to achieve the highest possible victory.

Field hockey

Field hockey is like soccer. The only difference is that if the players use their feet to pass, hold, or shoot the ball, the hockey field players will use a stick to do it. In addition, the whole process is quite similar to football.

Not only that, hockey also has mini hockey, bandy hockey, water hockey, running man hockey, etc.

You do not know the results of Olympic hockey. Please refer to the article “Olympic hockey results” now!

Hockey squad and equipment to be prepared

Usually, the hockey roster will have 6 participants.

How many people in a hockey team? A hockey roster consists of 6 players in each team. The two teams will participate in the competition within 60 minutes. In addition to the 6 members playing on the field, the teams will have to prepare reserve members to prepare for the substitution. The substitution will not be limited, during the course of the competition, the team can completely replace in accordance with the coach’s tactics.

When participating in hockey, you will be provided with fancy costumes full of items such as gloves, helmets, protective equipment limbs, sticks, etc. And then you are officially participating into a real match. Players are gathered into two teams, competing against each other by trying to control a ball into the net or goal of the other team with a stick.

Each round lasts about 15 minutes, with the referees and coaches guide the rules of the game. Hockey equipment is indispensable for every player when playing. So if you want to try this game, please prepare all the necessary tools.