How to play basketball well (Part 1)

How to play basketball well (Part 1)

Basketball is an interesting team sport loved by the young, especially the students in high-school or university. This sport is useful to push the height effectively. Besides it, you can improve soft skills like communication, teamwork or leader so on.

In the developed countries, basketball is encouraged to play as a major subject.

To get benefits of basketball, you should know about the rule in advance. Then you connect one group to start this game. 

Now, we discuss rules and tips how to play this game well. Following it if you tend to play this game in the near future.

1, Object of basketball

Firstly, the game is organized in the rectangular court by two teams. Per team has the same number of players.

The object of this game is to throw ball into the opponent’s hoop. Ball can be moved by dribbling or passing it. Then player will throw it to the hoop correctly.

One ball is successful, this team will be added one point. There are some fix rules to define this ball is complying the rule or not.

Finally, the team ends, which team has higher points, they will win the game.

2, Players 

As the international rule, per team has about 12 players while only 5 players are allowed to be present in the court any time.

There are some positions in the court which have other responsibility, including Point guard, defensive guard, offensive forward, defensive forward and center.

Depending on other strategies of teams. They can exploit all positions or only set up some positions. Through the number of players in the court, you can guess which strategy the opponent team is using. Then they have solution to prevent their rival properly.

The fact, per position has been applied other strategies. So, you focus on the position you take care so that you can do better for this new position.