How to play basketball well (Part 2)

How to play basketball well (Part 2)

In this article, we continue to share tips and instructions to start basketball easily. If you are finding a useful sport to play with your friends, basketball is a great choice. It helps you to connect with your teammate through movements or transfer ball. Besides it, your health especially muscles and bones are dramatically improved. So, this sport should be recommended for teamwork activity.

From the former article, we refer to object of basketball and role of player in this game. Now, we discuss other aspects in basketball.

3, Equipment in basketball

Equipment is needed to start this game including a court and one basketball. Besides it, all players are required to comply with rules about uniforms and accessories as gum shields and face masks to protect their body during game.

About court: a standard court has a rectangular with 91 feet in length and 50 feet in width. There is a halfway line then remarks a small circle in the center. This area is the center to practice all movements to the net.

As the rule, both teams will be arranged into 2 lines at a small circle. Once they listen a tip off from the referee, they start this game.

In per court, there is a basketball with 10 feet in height. Two baskets are the destination for per team because the opponents throw ball correctly through their basket, then they are lost one point. Therefore, all players are aware of protecting their net by preventing any player in the opponent team to access their basketball.

Under the basketball, there are 3 rings. The outside ring is called as a three point. Then there are two rings in the middles of court. There is a free throw line in the middles marked clearly. 

In general, court in basketball looks simple and easy to follow up detail.