Learn about the rules of water polo (Part 2)

Learn about the rules of water polo (Part 2)

After each foul, the opponent is awarded a free throw. And the player is sent off when he fouled 5 times in a match.

Requirements for venues and water polo players

Water polo, if only for fun and practice, does not have too many strict requirements. However, for official matches that require the professionalism of athletes, there must also be mandatory venue requirements.

A player who makes a foul on the water ball 5 times will be sent off.

Specifically, the swimming pool where the matches take place must ensure the size of the competing swimming pool with a length of 30m, a width of 20m and a minimum depth of pool must be 2m. The height of the goal is 0.9m and the width of the goal is 3m.

At the same time, the place is said to be the forbidden area of ​​the goalkeepers to ensure a distance of 2m from the goal. Pool for water polo must reach the size of 30 × 20m

Requirements for players

When entering the official water polo game, the player or player must be in the best health condition, not suffering from serious injuries, not suffering from infectious diseases, not using stimulants to ensure the fairness is equal to both sides.

For professional players need to have the height, weight, good swimming skills, flexible handling of unexpected happenings on the pitch. To become a professional player in water polo every need to undergo a long training process under the guidance of fitness experts, coaches.

In particular, the diet with water ball players has an important role affecting fitness. Completing the scientific diet will help the players gain endurance for each match.

Although water polo is not widely known as the king of water sport, but not so that its appeal inferior to any sport. Hopefully, the information above has helped you to supplement yourself with useful information about this extremely interesting sport!