Major rules in football (Part 1)

Major rules in football (Part 1)

Football is considered as the king of all sport because it owns millions fans in the global. It’s not only welcome in the professional tournaments like FIFA World Cup, The Euro Cup or The Premier League, but also popular with amateur events at schools, universities or companies. It’s amazing when people can connect through football, including footballers and spectators.

In this article, we share major rules in this game. The fact, you have to understand rules then can be confident to get experience at any position in the pitch.

Firstly, object of football

One football match will prolong within 90 minutes. It is divided into 2 halves, per half with 45 minutes. Between 2 halves, there is a break time in 15 minutes, called as half time. In the second half, there are a few minutes deemed determined by the referee for injury time.

After finishing official 90 minutes, which team has more goals, they will win.

In case two teams finish with tie. Per team can receive one point, or they will go to two extra times or penalties. It depends on different regulations of per tournament.

Secondly, players & equipment

As a fixed rule, each team has 11 players, including one goalkeeper and ten outfield players.

Dimension of one pitch can vary from other events, but normal sizes are 120 yards in length and 75 yards in width. The pitch is split into 2 halves which one side has a goal mouth.

In one haft, there is a 6 yard-box putting near the goal mouth. Then having one 18 yard-box inside a 6 yard-box. The center to divide two halves is a center circle. The remain half of the pitch will set up similarly as its mirror image.

About equipment for one football match, it requires a ball and pitch. Then, players of two teams need to wear uniform to distinguish members of each team. they also become better when use studded football boots. Two goalkeepers have to use padded gloves to handle ball.