Major rules in football (Part 2)

Major rules in football (Part 2)

Here we continue to share major rules about football which is favorited by any walk of life in the world. Whether you love football and play it, or only watch it, it’s better to understand rules detail so that you can understand situations in the pitch. 

From the former article, we refer to origins, object, equipment as well the number of footballers in the match. Now, we share other rules.

Thirdly, how to win the game

One football match has 90 minutes officially to compete. After this time, the game can happen 3 options: winning, losing or tie.

Which team reaches more goals than their opponent, they will win. It is the meaning that the rest will lose the game. In case two teams have the same goal or no goal, it is a draw. Depending rules of per tournament, per team can finish the game and receive one point for each team. Or going to the two extra terminals or using penalty to decide the last winner.

Once finishing one extra time, there is a break time about 5 minutes for resting or discussing new strategies. 

All footballers, except two goalkeepers have to use their feet or head to kick ball to the opponent’s net. This is a compulsory rule to receive an official goal.

However, making goals in football is more difficult than other games with ball like basketball, water polo so on. Therefore, any team having the first goal also has the good choice to access winning finally. Even, some teams reach one goal before their opponent, then they will change strategies to protect their football net. Keeping the result until finishing 90 official minutes, then they become winners finally.

One goal is admitted legally when it goes directly to the opponent’s net. It means all parts of ball must be over the line to remark a legal goal. It can be practiced by many corners: life, right or the front of the net. It depends demand of the game.