Rules and regulations of hockey

Rules and regulations of hockey

Every sport has been set up its own rules and regulations. Hockey is still on this process.

In general, hockey is an interesting game for the young which you can play with a team. there are two kind of hockey: field hockey and ice hockey.

To start to play this game, you should know about basic rules. In this article, we share details about some crucial rules in hockey. Following these instructions to have enough knowledge before enjoying the field hockey trip.

Our instructions are set up under ask and answer question about filed hockey firstly.

1/ How many players are there on one hockey match?

In one hockey match, there are two teams and total 22 players split into 2 teams. In each team, they own 10 field players and 1 goal keeper. It has familiar the number of players like football.

However, hockey doesn’t limit amount of time players sub in and out in one team. It’s better for players to take a rest and recover energy powerfully. It also is suitable for new comers who have not adapted to running and consuming so much energy in hockey.

2/ Can player kick the ball?

Another different rule between football and hockey. If football allows player to kick the ball, players can’t do it in hockey. They only are allowed to hit ball to the opponent’s net by using their stick. Exception for goalie, they can use their body or feet to prohibit other rivals to make scores to their net.

If you break the rule and continue to kick the ball for scoring, you will automatically lose the right to own it. Even in case you try to keep the ball and move it to the opponent’s net, you still are not admitted this goal. It’s non-meaning.