The basic rules you have to know in today’s handball rules (Part 2)

The basic rules you have to know in today’s handball rules (Part 2)


Each team has 7 players, including 1 goalie and 6 pitchers (including 2 balls, 2 wings, 1 pole, 1 thread). The goal of both teams is to throw the ball into the opponent’s goal. The ball completely crosses the court line with the goal to count the goal.

Handball rules

The pitcher must not hold the ball for more than 3 seconds and must not run more than 3 steps when holding the ball. If the player violates the above rules, he / she will be penalized a direct free kick for your team.

Players are allowed to pass the ball to their teammates, competing with the ball to lead the ball like a basketball.

If, in a match, a team holds the ball for too long without giving up the goal (or is regarded as time-consuming), the referee has the right to strip the ball and hand it to the opposing team.

The player may block the opponent from throwing the ball manually or with the whole arm, blocking directly, but not from behind the opponent’s back, without fencing.

Handball players must not steal the ball while the ball is in the hands of the opponent. Do not jump on or push the opponent when throwing the ball. Those offenses are penalized by a direct free throw for your team.

A special feature of handball is that when a player on the field is substituted, he / she may still return to the field. A handball has no limit on the number of players that can be substituted on the playing court.

How to play handball effectively

Handball is one of the most popular and fast paced American sports. Handball combines soccer and basketball techniques to create unique and competitive play. To play good handball, each team must shoot, dribble and move the ball to score goals into the opponent’s net.

Over the seasons, Ronaldo’s soccer technique has become more and more advanced and harder to grasp.

Positions such as wings, gills, turrets and threads in each team perorm their duties well in the team. At the same time combined with each other by passing the ball to fool the opponent when attacking.

When defending, the positions must also know how to create a barrier that is difficult to overcome. Handball is a team sport, so the combination of positions plays an important role in the team’s victory.