The lastest standard basketball rules of NBA (Part 1)

The lastest standard basketball rules of NBA (Part 1)

Surely we have seen basketball on television, also heard about basketball game. But not everyone knows it well. Today’s article will help you prepare more knowledge about basketball so that besides the football contract, you can also earn by basketball rafters.

What sport is basketball?

Today, basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. In Vietnam, basketball is second only to football in terms of popularity. Therefore, today’s article will focus on writing the necessary information before getting acquainted with this subject.

With the desire to bring knowledge of the subject rich in art and teammates. Today, we will learn about the latest and greatest basketball game rules that are being applied at professional basketball tournaments today.

The following are the forms of competition as well as the detailed competition rules that are applied in NBA basketball rules and also apply to all professional basketball matches in Vietnam and around the world. basketball

History of basketball

Born in 1891, basketball has naturally become a long-standing sport. The founder of this discipline is Dr. James Naismith, a female physical teacher of Springfield Academy, USA. She said, “I want a sport that is not organized outdoors. In order for students to compete even in the winter (at that time most American athletes had to be done outdoors).

By 1932, an international basketball federation was formed, named the Fédération Internationale de Basket-ball (FIDB). Basketball is recognized as a sport because of the health benefits it brings.

Types of competition in basketball

Street basketball (3×3 rules apply). That means each team will have 3 players competing. Even basketball rules of this kind will be slightly different from the standard NBA (National Basketball Association) rules

Rules of professional basketball, also known as the official NBA basketball competition law. For teams participating in professional NBA leagues, the squad of each side must have 5 people.

As stated above, a standard basketball match will involve competing against two different teams. Each team has 5 players (for professional play) and 3 players (for street play).