The lastest standard basketball rules of NBA (Part 2)

The lastest standard basketball rules of NBA (Part 2)

Teams will win by putting lots of balls in the opponent’s basket. Of course, it is important to focus on breaking the law, and most importantly, preventing the opponent from throwing the ball into his team’s basket.

About the standard dimensions of a basketball court, and what a standard basketball court is. Please refer the size of the latest standard basketball court.

Rules of the team to compete

A basketball team is allowed to include as follows.

Maximum of 11-12 athletes including captain, reserve and competitive players.

Each team is allowed only 1 coach to participate in the game (coach can bring an assistant)

A team seating area will be allowed up to 5 people outside the team (doctors, massage staff, etc.)

Rules on changing players during competition

Each team will have 5 athletes participating. When ordered by the coach, these 5 players can become reserve players (take a break), 5 other players will replace. In contrast, a substitute becomes a player when the coach replaces the pitch.

When attempting to confer or change a player, the coach must have the referee’s permission to control the match. Even during halftime periods, a referee must be submitted to the referee for a substitute record.

Basic basketball rules

The uniform must be uniform (same color for the front and back, the shirt is put into the pants during the competition.)

Players’ inner pants may be longer than their outer pants but during competition it is required to be the same color as the pants.

The shirt must be numbered and the number on the shirt must also be of the following sizes.

The number after the shirt is at least 20cm high

The front number of the chest is at least 10cm high

The stroke of the digit on a shirt must be at least 2cm thick

The competitor numbers usually range from 4 to 15 and the numbers do not overlap. In some tournaments a 2-digit number is allowed.