The lastest standard basketball rules of NBA (Part 3)

The lastest standard basketball rules of NBA (Part 3)

Rules on the items to be brought during competition

Basketball competition rules state that the players must not bring any items on the list below.

Items that increase height, increase bounce or all other support devices, giving an advantage during competition will be counted as violations.

It is not allowed to bring items that endanger or affect other players (Including glasses, earrings, jewelry, etc.).

There are some items a player can bring to play basketball as follows.

Protective/protective gear (shoulders, arms, thighs, legs, ..) can be brought with you during the competition. The condition is that they must be well wrapped, not torn or contain sharp objects.

For women’s basketball tournaments, hair ties can be carried but cannot be complicated, bulky hair ties over 5cm width, not made from rubber or hard plastic

Rules for injured players in basic basketball rules

The match will be suspended when an injured player on the court is injured. There will be 2 cases of game pause as follows.

When the ball is dead, just pause the normal match.

When the ball is live, wait for the ball to finish before the referee blew the whistle to pause. Only when the basketball athlete seems to be seriously injured, the referee can stop immediately (to protect the player)

Basic rules of basketball

Rules of substitution in the game field

When a player is injured and for more than 15 seconds there is no sign of recovery. The team needs to send a replacement or continue to play against a team with a vacancy.

Doctors have the right to intervene as soon as a player is seriously injured without the referee’s permission.

In accordance with the provisions of the basic basketball rules, when a player with a bleeding injury is not able to stop it, they cannot continue to play.