The Latest 12 Basic Rules of Tennis Any Tennis Player Need To Remember (Part 3)

The Latest 12 Basic Rules of Tennis Any Tennis Player Need To Remember (Part 3)

Article 4 – Rules of tennis rackets

For tennis players, the racquet is like an “inseparable” object, but with this powerful racket, we should also grasp the general rules so that we can find a companion. but effective.

The mesh surface (the surface used for polishing) must be a flat surface, the string is stretched to the frame according to the standard, an upper thread, a lower thread. The strings of the racket must not be tied more or have protruding buttons in addition to single objects or buttons used to limit, prevent rupture or vibration. The rule also states that there is only one type of string on the racquet face.

The maximum total length of the racquet must not exceed 73.66 cm, including the handle of the racket (the handle). The maximum width of the racket cannot exceed 31.75 cm. The mesh shall not exceed 39.37 cm in length and 29.21 cm in width.

Article 5 – Rules of Tennis: serve and serve

Players will divide on 2 sides of the field. The first player to hit the line is called the server and the opposite player is the server.

Article 6 – Rules of Selecting Field And Serving

Draw method – “Toss the coin” will be used to determine who chooses the pitch and who serves. The winner of this draw can reserve or give way to the opponent. If the winner chooses the right to serve or receive the ball will allow the other to select the court and vice versa.

Article 7 – Tennis Rules of Service

The delivery order will be from the right to the left of the pitcher’s field. At each turn, the serve will start from the right side. The delivered ball must fly over the net and fall in the cross-box at the standing serve or on the grid lines before the player blocks the ball.