The Latest 12 Basic Rules of Tennis Any Tennis Player Need To Remember (Part 4)

The Latest 12 Basic Rules of Tennis Any Tennis Player Need To Remember (Part 4)

Article 8 – Rules of Tennis Competition: Tennis Delivery

The pitcher must stand with both feet outside the end line. The pitcher will bounce the ball in no direction and must hit the ball before it hits the ground. During the serve, the server may not move or run, may have small movements but must remain in the standing position, do not touch any line at the end of the pitch or not cross the imaginary line. stretching of vertical line and serve baseline.

The serving process is considered completed when the ball touches the racket. A player who uses only one hand during a competition may use the racquet to toss the ball during service.

Article 9 – Rules of Tennis Competition: Committing Fouls for serve

A serve is considered a foul when:

– Violating articles 7, 8

– Hit the ball when the ball has been thrown.

– Touch the fixed equipment on the court (net, net or scraper) before touching the ground.

– Serve the ball outside

Article 10 – Second serve

If the first serve has an error then the serving player shall have the second contact at the same position. In the event that the position is mistakenly detected, after a change, the serve shall be assigned only one ball at the new position.

Article 11 – Time of serving

The pitcher makes a serve when the opponent is ready to block. However, in the event that the player recognizes that the ball is still not ready, the error of the server is not counted.

Article 12 – Time To Be Taken Back

– The first serve is faulted

– When the player who catches the ball is not ready

– The ball is delivered to the touch of the net, the scoop or the ribbon. Or, after touching the back of the net, the back of the net or the ribbon, continue to touch the guard/serve before the ball touches the ground.

These are the 12 rules of tennis rules set by the World Tennis Federation (ITF) that tennis players should grasp when entering the tennis court. However, studying law can not understand and grasp all, please step into the practice of Tennis immediately to get used to the error of playing this interesting subject.