The latest updating rules for 11-player football (Part 2)

The latest updating rules for 11-player football (Part 2)

In each penalty area there is a spot with a diameter of 22cm marked clearly, 11m from the center of the border line – that is the penalty spot. From the penalty spot, the center of the arc is outside the penalty area with a radius of 9m15, to determine the standing position of the players when making a penalty of 11m.

Flagpole corner

At each corner of the yard, there is a flagpole with no pointed tip and a height of at least 1m50. Outside the center line, the distance between 2 vertical lines at least 1m can be placed 2 flagpoles.

Bow corner

Get the center is the point where the flagpoles are angled, and they are drawn into the yard 1/4 arc of radius 1m. This is the position to place the ball to take a corner.


In the center of each horizontal line is placed a goal frame. The goal is composed of two vertical columns perpendicular to the horizontal border and equidistant from the two flagpoles, with a distance of 7m32 (from the inner edge of the column) connected by a parallel crossbar and away from the face 2m44 yard (from the bottom edge of the crossbar).

Vertical columns and crossbars must be the same size and not more than 12cm wide. The net must be tied to the post, crossbar and tied down the field behind the goalie firmly. The net must have proper tensioning equipment so as not to interfere with the goalkeeper’s activities nor to allow the ball to bounce back into the court once the ball has completely crossed the goal line.

Material of the goal net must be of cloth, jute or nylon. The vertical pillars and crossbars of goal posts must be painted white.


The goal must be firmly attached to the floor. Assembly subjects may also be used if they meet the requirements of the Act.