The latest updating rules for 11-player football (Part 3)

The latest updating rules for 11-player football (Part 3)



Quality and dimensions

– Spherical ball.

– recognized leather or other material exterior.

– The circumference must not be larger than 70cm and not smaller than 68cm.

– Weight at the beginning of the game must not weigh more than 450gr and not less than 410gr.

– Pressure from 0.6 to 1.1 acomphe.

Regulate the replacement when the ball is broken

If the ball explodes or breaks during a match in progress

– Stop the match.

– Continue the game by dropping the ball to the ground at the spot where the ball is broken.

If the ball explodes or breaks during a pause, the game will be restarted in accordance with the cause of the match.

During the course of the match, only the official may decide the ball to play.



Football player

There must be 2 teams in a match. Each team has a maximum of 11 people including 1 goalkeeper. The match cannot be played if either team no longer has 7 players.

In the official tournament

Matches organized by FIFA, the regional football federation and the national football federation are allowed to replace a maximum of 3 players. The rules of the tournament must specify the number of reserve players allowed to register for each match within the allowed range from 3 to a maximum of 7 players.

In unofficial tournaments

– At the matches of the national team A, up to 6 substitutes may be used.

– In unofficial matches, the number of substitutes may be more if:

+ The relevant teams unify the maximum reserve player.

+ Report the number of reserve players to the referee before the match.

If the referee is not notified or the teams do not reach a consensus on the maximum number of substitutes before the match, no more than 6 substitutes can be substituted.