The new table tennis rules of the ITTF (Part 1)

The new table tennis rules of the ITTF (Part 1)

You are in need of learning the current basic and current table tennis rules of the International Table Tennis Federation of ITTF to apply for your tournament? Refer to some table tennis rules summarized as follows.

On the table for the people who love table tennis, we realize that many of you have a need to learn about the basic table tennis rules to improve their knowledge or apply to the tournament in their unit. operative. However, below these topics, there is still no full answer to help us understand table tennis rules.

In order to help you solve this question, we would like to introduce you to some basic table tennis laws that we refer back to the provisions of the International Table Tennis Federation. Come on, let’s get to know us.

1. Laws on table tennis equipment

1.1. Regulations on table tennis table.

According to table tennis rules, table tennis tables used for competition need to ensure the following conditions.

The upper surface of the table, also known as table tennis table, must have a rectangle with a length of 2.74m, width of 1,525m and lying in a horizontal plane with a height of 0.76m from the ground.

The table top does not include the sides of the table.

The surface of the table may be made of any material but must have an uniform bounce of about 23cm when the standard ball falls from a height of 30cm to that table.

The table surface must be uniformly dark and matte, around the table surface is a 2cm wide white line, each line is 2.74m long, called a vertical border, each line is 1.52m wide. is the horizontal line (the end of the table).

The table surface is divided into 2 equal parts by the vertical grid unit parallel to the end of the table and stretched smoothly across the entire split area on both sides of the table.

For doubles, each side of the table is divided into 2 equal parts by a white middle line of 3mm width parallel to the vertical lines. The center line is considered to belong to the right side of each half of the table.