The new table tennis rules of the ITTF (Part 2)

The new table tennis rules of the ITTF (Part 2)

1.2. Rules about table tennis net

Table tennis nets including nets, string tension, net piles and clamps for pair of net piles to the table.

The net is stretched with a small rope, tying each end to the pole with a height of 15.25cm. The limited distance outside the longitudinal boundary with grid pillars is 15.25cm.

The top of the net all the length must be evenly 15.25cm above the table.

The bottom edge of the net length should be close to the table and the sides of the mesh should also be close to the net pile.

1.3. Rules about table tennis

Table tennis balls are made of sphere and have a diameter of 40mm.

Standard ball weighs 2.7 grams.

The ball is made of cellulose or similar plastic material, white or orange and translucent.

1.4. Rules about table tennis racket

Table tennis rackets can be any size, shape and weight but the blade must be flat and hard.

At least 85% of the blade thickness must be made of natural wood; A layer of bene in the blade can be reinforced with a fiber material such as carbon fiber, glass fiber or compressed paper but must not exceed 7.5% of the entire thickness or 0.35mm.

The face of the blade used for polishing must be covered or with a regular rubber spike surface, the spine facing out, all thickness including adhesive does not exceed 2mm; or of rubber foams with upside down or back spines, all having a thickness including adhesive not exceeding 4mm.

Before starting the match or when changing the racket during a match, the player will give the racquet he uses to the opponent and the referee to watch and check.

2. Rules of service and side table

According to table tennis rules, the option to serve is; The serve and the front table are determined by lottery. The player may choose either to serve or to serve first or to stand at the table at the beginning of the match.

When a player or pair has chosen to serve or receive the serve first or select the table at the start of the match, the opponent will be entitled to choose another.

3. Rule of table tennis delivery

In table tennis competition rules, the rules for serving are as follows.

At the beginning of the delivery, the ball must be placed flat on the open palm of the hand, behind the end of the table and at the top of the table.