The rules to calculate the scores of ice hockey you should know (Part 2)

The rules to calculate the scores of ice hockey you should know (Part 2)

A normal team will have about 10 people, including 6 people participating in the main competition and the remaining 4 people will sit on the bench. Teams will have the right to make unlimited substitutions but the person who has left the field will not be allowed to return to the field during that match.

A hockey game will last 60 minutes and be divided into 4 rounds. After the first half, without inconclusive, will continue into extra time with a time of 7.5 minutes. Finally, the penalty shootout.

Calculation of hockey scores on ice

Ice hockey results based on the number of goals scored by each team. During the match the team scoring the opponent’s goal will count as one point. So on until the end of the game, the party with the highest number of goals will be the winner.

You will have to use hockey sticks and put the ball into the opponent’s circle. Only then can the points be counted. Ice hockey finals will usually take place within 60 minutes, the team with the most goals will be the winner. Viewers can live hockey on the ice during the track.

The teams will play on the field in a period of 60 minutes to determine defeat. If the two teams finish 60 minutes and still cannot decide to win, the two sides will continue to play extra time. Each extra time takes 7.5 minutes, after the extra time and both teams still draw, they will go into penalty shootout. The two teams will take a penalty shootout until they win the final.

Field hockey scores are calculated similarly to the ice hockey scores. Based on the final result the referee will make the final winner.

So, you all know how to calculate ice hockey scores, right? Hopefully, the above information will be useful for those new to hockey.