What is the Tie Break Rule in tennis? (Part 1)

What is the Tie Break Rule in tennis? (Part 1)

Tie – Break is a series of tennis plays to determine the winner in a game if the set score reaches 6-6. Tennis world history has recorded the tie-break series taking place at the 4th lightning in the 2008 Wimbledon final which is the best game in the fight between Nadal and Federer. However, to see and really understand why the game is rated as “the best”, firstly, let’s go to Tennis World to understand the tie-break scoring system specified in Tennis Rules of World Tennis Federation (ITF).

Applicable circumstances

Tie-break system will apply when both sides win 6 games. For the third or fifth set of 3 or 5 set matches, the rules of the game must still be respected as usual, unless separate rules are announced before the match.

Steps to Calculate Scores Under Tie-Break System

For Single Player

1. The player who wins before the 7th point wins the game and that set, but must also win the opponent by 2 points. If all 6 points are awarded, the fight continues until this distance is reached.

The usual numerical scoring method will be applied from the beginning to the end of the tie-break game.

2. The player who is in turn of service shall serve the ball on the first point, the opponent shall serve on the second and third points and then each player shall turn 2 points in turn until the game and set are played. Decide.

3. From the first point, each serve will be rotated from the right and left of the field, starting from the right of the field. If the serve is in the wrong position and is not detected in time, all previous points will still be counted and when detected, the serve position must be changed again as prescribed.

4. Players switch sides every 6 points and at the end of the game play a tie-break system.

5. Tie-break counts as a game for substitution, unless, if the ball is replaced at the start of the tie-break system, the substitution of the ball will be delayed in the second game of the subsequent set.